2009 - Manufactory Tradition

Manufaktur tradition

Opening of the manufactory for the audience. Be it for business visits from 5 people, in which one experiences the history of Stedy 1: 1, for a visit to the factory shop or for the legendary ulcer scene under the direction of Peter Stettler.

"Incredible" are the most belonged reactions than the visitors discover our type of processing. Stedy has grown and still remained a manufacture. This means we do not produce and process on holding but to order.
Each sparkli is filled by hand, hooded & labeling. Our warehouse we are completely beating every 2 months every 2 months and thus always have fresh mixtures with the full taste.

New in the assortment since this year are the mixtures:
Schtechuuspfäffer / Pizza & Pastagwürz / Znünigwüß
The first two have emerged due to a bet between Valentin & Peter Stettler: Due to his passion for his own steakhouse, the Schtechuuspfäffer mixture was invented. Thus, from each sold spreader, a Bazen should flow into a "Kässeli" so that he can open a steakhouse after his retirement. But since there was no competition, I asked for a mixture for Pizza & Pasta dishes, something with which one can season every frozen pizza, Italian tomato sauces but also salads, vegetables with the fine taste "Italy".

Since this time, there is a head on the head race between these 2 blends and we look each year who wins. Sometimes the Pizza & Pasta is making the Schtechuuspfäffer.
Either way: both belong is Chuchichäschtli because you can need them almost every day.

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