2012 - New partners

New partners

After the Olma in St. Gallen we get a surprising call from Gossau. "Coop Eastern Switzerland on the apparatus".

"I always come to Olma and buy the stedy salad wub" so Mr. Andreas Stressle, buyer Coop Eastern Switzerland and Ticino. At our personal meeting in the headquarters in Gossau quickly realized that Coop believes in small companies and closely monitored them. Thus we are with our vision "We make every customer to the fan" Gold right. Nobody knows who knows who and where who is. Thus we all inspire the same.

We have received the opportunity to demonstrate ourselves and the Trio Chuchichäschtli consisting of hard-blooded coast, meatwear and salad wub from Fortan in all Coop branches of Eastern Switzerland providing where these rice paragraphs find. The only concerns about our side was that probably the whole business in the Volg, Spar and TopCC could break.
Fortunately, that's not the case and we were allowed to find countless new fan's in Coop, which now take us comfortably in your weekly shopping.

As a new Gastro Distributor, we were able to inspire the Prodega (the largest Cash & Carry provider for restaurateurs in Switzerland) and may now deliver hard-puffs, meatweave and salad wub for the gastrics in all markets.

What applies to all major customers is the basis of cooperation cooperation with our major customers. It is based on mutual respect, partnership and familiar.

We know where we come and worry about the small retail trade. For this we have maintained our phone sales and even expanded.