1976 - Vision


Peter Stettler had a vision: the butchers help to sell meat, poultry and fish ...

In his own butcher, with his mother and pia of his wife, in Murg on the beautiful Walensee questions more and more customers ask for a framed articles, which one can only cook.

Finished spice mixtures are becoming more and more. More and less you want to experiment in front of the stove with different spices, but season, cook and finely eat is the big topic.

This trend recognized Peter Stettler and made itself the first spice mixtures. The older ones under us are still reminiscent: every butcher the sausages had their own authentic taste. The reason is a simpler: At that time, all butchers have the spice mixtures which are in the sausage still weighed themselves and mixed. Always fresh for every production.

The beginning of the trend "Easy Fein Chocha" was ushered in at this time.

The passion, talent and creativity of the spicer, help finest spice & marinads to create mixtures that belong to the standard assortment at Stedy Gülz AG and have countless fan in all Switzerland.

Greater the success with already spiced meat and the clientele was grateful that it tastes so good.