BBQ Set mit Chips

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Product Information:

Perfectly matched set for every BBQ occasion.
The fine bbq rub with smoke aroma, the two cult marinades Güggeli and knobli,
as well as of course our hardships that must not be missing.

Application - Some examples:

As a highlight, our fine chips are there with the original hardness wheatweg and make your occasion perfect. With the spices succeeds every food, whether for yourself or your guests

Match with:

Grilling, BBQ, RUB, STEDY Härdöpfelchips, Knobli + Güggeli Marinade, Grillfest, Party, Smocker and much more.

This set includes the following:

1x BBQ RUB 200G
1x Härdöpflwwüz Mini 90g
1x knobli marinade 200g
1x Güggeli Marinade 200g
1x Pack Stedy Härdöpflwück Chips 120g

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