HärdöpfelGwürz® mini 90g als Hochzeits-Gastgeschenk mit Eurem Text und Müsterli...

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Product Information:

Attention - only for adults
The trend to eat focus increases more and more, and so we created 3 different "sharp" hard-puffy coast.

Our hardships, refined with Habanero Chilli from Mexico.

Application - Some examples:

Habanero Chilli is considered one of the sharpest chillis worldwide and is only limited, depending on harvesting we receive an allocation or not.

Racy sharp = 5% Habanero Chilli Level Hot
Fühlig sharp = 7% Habanero Chilli Level Extra Hot
Tüflisch sharp = 9% Habanero Chilli Level bright

Match with:

Almost everything :-)

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