HärdöpfelGwürz® Scharf Set

SKU: 19241

CHF 35 CHF 37
Product information "Härdörpergwück S'scharfe Set: 3 x 90g"

Attention: Adults only:
The trend to eat sharp takes more and more ...
... and so we have for you 3 different "sharp" hardships mixed.

Our hardships, refined with Habanero Chilli from Mexico.
Habanero Chilli is considered one of the sharpest chillis worldwide and is only limited.
Depending on the harvest we get an allocation or not.

Application notice:
Racy sharp = 5% Habanero Chilli Level Hot
Fühüch sharp = 7% Habanero Chilli Level Extra Hot
Tüflisch sharp = 9% Habanero Chilli Level bright

Please be careful with the application and no case suitable for children!

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