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Ideal for takeaway, camping, to give away or as a small cord.
Extra for singles or people who do not cook all too often and prefer to buy fresh again.
Simple refilling from the big directions. Super companion for every flight journey and just Jööö :-)

Application - Some examples:

Härdöpflwück in the Ministran 90g
For Rösti, French Fries, Gratin and Country Cuts.

Meatwear in the Ministran 70g
For beef, pig, Güggeli, from the chopped to the whole piece.

Salad wub in Ministran 55g
With sour cream as a dipp sauce, with vinegar and oil as salad sauce.

Znünigwüß in the Ministran 65g
For Ruebli, Gürkli, tomatoes, 3 minutes eggs.

Chäsgwürz in the Ministran 50g
For Fondue & Raclette, for seasoning tomatoes and salad sauces.


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