Marinaden Traum Set

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Product Information:

The summer can come, the stedy selection for the grill and the pan.
To give away, as a cord and of course season to fine food.

Application - Some examples:

The fine marinades of Stedy all without palm oil, you can use just as well in the pan or in the oven. Also in the table grill or easy to flavor these marinades bring the fine taste of meat, fish and vegetables. 2 of the best spice mixtures and everything packed in the set.

Set includes:.

1x Güggelimarinade 200g with Schützengarten's white angel
1x CognacMarinade 200g with 2.5% genuine *** Cognac
1x Butcher Marinade 200g The original formula since 1980
1x honey marinade 200g with 33% bee honey
1x knobli marinade 200g with over 12% garlic so really fine
1x BBQ RUB 200G The dry marinade to finely grill
1x enjoyment 280g The stray bouillon which is also perfect in the steamer
1x Härdöpfwwuke 90g because it is simply missing

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