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Product Information "Gourmet-Check / New Layout / Sale"

Easy operation and the simplest measurement for wonderfully fried meat:
Outside crusts nicely juicy or zartrosa or of course really bloody.
With this little helper, every piece of meat succeeds as the guest wants.

With a Niedergartabelle (just search in Google.com) and this little helper can not go wrong:

Alarm function for time, barbecue temperature and of course meat temperature.
Material: Stainless steel / plastic
Colour: green
Measures in cm: H 2.0 x B 7.0 x D 8.7
Weight: 0.1 kg

Overview of the cooking stages of meat:

German French English Core temperature
Strong bloody, raw, blue Bleu, Cru Blue, Rare, Raw ≤ 45 ° C The meat is inside crude. It has a brown, thin crust and gives up pressure. The escaping meat juice is red. The proteins are shortly before the donation.
Bloody, English saignant Rare, Underdone 48 - 52 ° C The meat is still slightly bloody and out to the outside. It has a brown, crunchy crust.
Hellrosa, pink à point, Anglaise Medium rare 53 - 60 ° C The meat is inside through pink, gives up pressure and has a brown, crunchy crust. Typical cooking level for bovine steaks.
halfway through Légèrement Rosé, Demi-Anglaise medium 60 - 65 ° C The meat has only a slight pink core, the meat juice is pink.
cuit Medium Well 65 - 69 ° C
by Bien Cuit well done 70 ° C and higher The meat is completely perforated, does not give up. This cooking level can be useful in poultry of moderate quality or bacterially infested meat for sterilization, but by no means for steaks that are dry and tough in this cooking level.


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