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Product Information "S'Blossed Stedy Starter Set - All-Tutor"

Now with 2 x pack stedy chips as a "stuffing material" in the all-round car box

Extra for you: Our best 11 spice mixtures at 300ml format. (So ​​the size you already know from all stores)
Every mixture freshly made for you and for daily use.

1. Härdöpflwüß: spreader 300g
Instead of salt over everything, ingenious to potatoes and fine about eggs and pasta
2. Meatwear: Spreader with 270g
For all meats, selected ingredients for your own marinade (with a wheen of rapeseed oil)
3. Güggeligwüß: Spreader with 200g
For all poultry, fine crust and incomparable taste
4. Dessertwus: Spreader with 300g
To bake and for rice rice, or simply for mulled wine
5. S'Aroma: Spreader with 250g
Like aromat .. but with less salt, finer and without glutamate
6. Fishwear: Spreader with 250g
Gives a taste to all fish and crustaceans. Thanks to the contained rice flour, there is a fine doughli around every piece.
7. Raclette & Fondue ulceration: Spreader with 160g
Complemented with the finest pepper, black and green pepper your raclette for the sensation
8. Schtechuuspfäffer: Spreader with 250g
Black, white, green pepper, a Tuppf peperoncini and sea salt: refines everything.
9. Goodwealth: Spreader with 280g
Our stray bouillon over everything is green and cooked.
10. Salad wub: Spreader with 200g
The secret of fine salad sauces and cream fraiche or sour cream for a perfect dipp sauce
11. BBQ RUB: Spreader with 200g
For 2 years the darling for all the barbecues and baking in the oven: for meat and vegetables marinate dry
12. 2 x Stedy Chips The best chips in Switzerland :)
Easy: Pommeships with original hardener soulweg on it :)

All mixtures gluten-free and lactose-free & contain no animal ingredients.
For all mixtures there are practical refill packs.

All spreader at 300ml format, thus ideal for families and couples cooking.

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