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S`stedy favorite set

Where does the name s'stedy come from favorite set.? Because this set includes everything that Stedy also has in his chuchichichesli. With this set in your chuchichichesli you also belong to the pink universe.

Extra for you: Everything your heart desires. From Härdöpfwwüß spreader over D Knobli Marinade.

1. Härdöpflwüß: spreader 300g

2. Meatwear: spreader 270g

3. Salad wub: spreader 200g

4. Güggeligwüß: Spreader 200g

5. Give hawk: spreader 280g

6. Schteekhuus Papers: Spreader 250g

7. S`Aroma: spreader 250g

8. Paprika: Spreader 160g

9. Curry: Spreader 130g

10. Peperoncini broken: spreader 120g

11. Pizza & Pasta Dwom: Spreader 200g

12. Vegetable Bouillon: Dose 500g

13. Garlic freeze-dried: spreader 70g

14. Parsley freeze-dried: spreader 10g

15. Basil freeze-dried: spreader 11g

16. Salad herbs freeze-dried: spreader 18g

17. Mountains: Spreader 90g

18. Chaswood: Spreader 50g

19. Stedy Rösti with Härdöpfwwück®

20. Cognac Marinade: Tube 200G

21. Knobli Marinade: Tube 200g

22. Stedy brush

23. Härdöpflückwüß to cuddle

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