Stedy Chnusper Set

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Awesome to give away, always makes a big joy or simply order yourself :)

(When giving away, please use the delivery address;) ...) We pack everything into beautiful Schärteli:

1 x S'Aroma 65g S'stedy Aroma (without T)

1 x meatwood 70g (for beef, pork, Gügggeli and tofu)

1 x Härdöpflwück Mini 90g (easy applying instead of salt: for potatoes, salads and dipp sauces and much more)

1 x Schteekhuuspfäffer Mini 70g (the ingenious pepper mix of stedy with a Tuppf peperonchini and of course sea salt)

1 x Stedy Röstzwiebelen 90g (for over 40 years in the assortment, directly from Denmark for hotdogs or to nibble or for the salad)

1 x Pack Stedy HärdöpfelChips 120g (since 2017 the Renner: enjoy S'Hard Pops Cut directly on fries chips)

Everything comes snifese packed in the Stedy Schäfteli (look at the picture 2 :)

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