Thurgauer Koffer Set

SKU: 4723

CHF 111
Product Information:
"Thurgau suitcases finely filled"

Our Thurgau suit, finely filled with all ingredients for daily use.
The suitcase includes the following stedy products:

1x Thurgauer suitcase finely filled with:
- Saladwusch 200g
- Härdöpflwwüß 300g
- Meatwood 270g
- Raclette / Fonduegwürz 160g
- Schteekhuuspäffer 250g
- Röstzulations 90g
- Italian herbal mixture 20g
- S 'Aroma Mini 65g
- Vegetable Bouillon 500g
- Gügggeli Marinade 200g
- knobli marinade 200g
- Stedy Härdöpfel Chips 120g

The products are all gluten and lactose-free, partly without glutamate

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