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Product Information "S'tomategeate 230g Spreader: Fine for cucumbers"

The 2nd mixture, which Peter Stettler, (inventors of the hardships) robbed the sleep ... until they finally worn out.
Tomatist spice can be used to season all tomato foods and highlights the taste of tomatoes.
The Tomatistwear is for cooking sauces or for a tomato salad the spices of choice!
But it tastes very good on a butter bread.

Due to the unique mixture, the ingredients promote the fine hardware of the respective ingredient.
The result: full-bodied taste in all vegetables that contain a lot of water.
Such as:
- Cauliflower -Chicory
- Spinach - Red cabbage
- Broccoli -Green beans
- Pumpkin -
- saving -aubergine
- mushrooms -Paprika (all colors)


Gewürze und Kräuter (Curcuma, Knoblauch, Zwiebeln, Basilikum, Pfeffer), Sonnenblumenöl, unjodiertes Speisesalz, Maltrin

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