Terms of service

Terms of Service

01. Introduction
The following general terms and conditions of Stettler Innovation GmbH (sofein.ch) are valid for all products as well as services. Customer is every person (naturally and legal) which maintains with Stettler Innovation GmbH's relationships of business nature.

(For the sake of simplicity, general business relationships will be referred to as "Sofein.ch" as "Sofein.ch".

02. Scope of scope
All products and services are subject to the terms and conditions ofSofein.ch. In the case of transaction and delivery, the available Terms and Conditions are applied. Conflicting or deviating terms and conditions do not find recognition exceptSofein.ch Expresses this explicitly and in writing.

03. Sofein.ch obligations
Sofein.ch has the claim to provide its services professionally and with care.

In the online shop ofSofein.chThe offer of products and services is aimed at führers (natural and legal).

04. No guarantee for information
Sofein.ch Try to offer its customers the best possible information about assortment and services. It is important to us to present this information as customer friendly as possible. HoweverSofein.ch No guarantee for any information about assortment, availabilities, delivery times and services. This information must not be understood as an assurance. For the correctness, topicality and completeness we assume no liability.

05. Prices
For orders in our internet shop, the prices offered at the time of order apply. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Sofein.ch reserves the right to change prices at any time.

06. Business decision
Assortment, prices and services which under the homepage ofSofein.ch be published, represent an offer.

As soon as the customer gives online, by e-mail or telephone an order, this applies as a business decision or conclusion of the contract. An automatically generated order confirmation by e-mail informs the customer that his order atSofein.chhas arrived.

The reception of this automatically generated order confirmation including order number is not a promise that the product can be really available or can be delivered. The order confirmation only informs the customer that the order submitted atSofein.ch has arrived. Thus, a contract has arisen, which can be resolved during a non-delivery. The occurrence of one of the above-dissolving conditions solves the contract immediately and without the determination of the parties. If a contract resolution is created, isSofein.ch Not obliged to deliver a replacement.

07. Payment
Twint / Visa / MasterCard / PayPal / PowerPay (by invoice).

We use a secure transmission method SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to protect your data. Each information is sent encrypted. Please note that in payments in rare cases, external machining errors can come to which we have no influence.

In general, the customer undertakes to pay with the means provided. Until full payment of the purchase price, the products remain the property ofSofein.ch.

PowerPay (order by invoice):
With the PowerPay monthly calculation, you can simply settle your online shopping by invoice with partial payment option. MF Group / PowerPay offers the payment method "Payment by invoice" as an external payment service provider. When completing the purchase contract, PowerPay assumes the incurred billing claim and wraps the corresponding payment methods. When buying on account, they accept in addition to our terms and conditions Conditions From PowerPay. (PowerPay.ch/en/agb).
You will receive the invoice in the middle of the following month after your purchase. The payment period is the end of the month and you can choose when you receive the invoice whether you want to deposit partial numbers or all the invoice amount.

Please note that per invoice an administration fee and partial and speech payments further fees according to Conditions from Powerpay.

For all information regarding invoice PowerPay is available directly:

Frequently asked Questions:
Why do not I see the bill?
Depending on the classification of the online system PowerPay, it may happen that the option of payment "Bill" is not possible.

In this case, contact directly:
Customer Support PowerPay: 058 806 06 00
Or by formlar under: https://www.powerpay.ch/de

08. Cancellation and contract resolution
Orders atSofein.chAre binding, that means the customer must remove the performance. It is at the discretion of Sofein.ch in special cases to grant subsequent changes and cancellations. In this case, starting fees may be incurred.

09. Return policy and exchange
Sofein.ch Unfortunately, for hygienic reasons, no return and exchange right to the products offered.

10. Delivery & pickup
Sofein.ch sends every order by Swiss Post.

Please check your goods immediately for completeness, correctness and any damage. Within 5 working days, errors or damage must be reported at Sofein.ch.

For the processing of the claim processing, the shipment must be stored in the delivery status.

Within Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, orders with an order value from CHF 80.- are delivered free of charge (A-Post & registered).

11. Warranty
On non-self-made products has no influence on the functionality of the products as well as the warranty services of the manufacturers. There are always the warranty conditions and duration of the manufacturer.

Guarantee benefits are provided if there are no exclusion causes such as faulty and harmful handling or other damage.

Warranty exchange or guarantee repair does not lead to the extension of the original guarantee period.

12. Amendment of the terms and conditions
Sofein.ch is entitled to change these terms and conditions at any time.

13. Privacy
See privacy policy.

14. Disclaimer
No claims for damages can be asserted due to impossibility of performance, contract violations, other faults.

15. Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction is Weinfelden. Relationships between customers and Sofein.ch are excluded exclusively to Swiss law.

16. Copyright notice
These GTC are copyrighted intellectual property. Sole right to use is Sofein.ch. Use by third parties, even in part, to commercial purposes is not allowed. Infringement is punished criminal law.

November, 2020