1981 - Self-employment and passion

Independence and passion

It is April 1, 1981: I can remember the Junior very well to remember this conversation from my parents, Peter & Pia Stettler. My daddy came home joined home with the commercial register excerpt in the hands and the explanation: "Pia, from today I am self-employed spice mixer". The enthusiasm of my mother was rather behavior, clear, we are a 4-member family and then like today, there's everything, sometimes 10 or even 1000 ... a market of occupied is of the big in the industry and then just Do so "self-employed" and take the whole risk?Security Ade and Welcome Freedom?

Today I understand the better, passion is the topic to spend the time to spend what you prefer (and that is at Peter Stettler: spices to tinkle, mix and sell on butchers), his owner boss and work independently.