Kürbis Kartoffelstock

Pumpkin potato stick

Ingredients: - 1kg potatoes firmly- 700g Butternussbris- 3 tablespoons butter- Schtechuuspfäffer- Härdöpflwürz- Muscat Peel potatoes and the butte...

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Partybrot gefüllt

Party bread filled

Ingredients: - 1 Frischback baguette- 1 cream cheese- 100g bacon cube- Fresh herbs, chopped- 3 El Crème Fraiche- Härdöpflwürz- Schtechuuspfäffer ...

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Ingredients: - 1 cake dough round- 400g fondue- 1 grated apple- Chäsgwürz- Muscat Molding:- 1DL half- 1DL Sweet Most- 2 eggs Put the dough in a se...

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Olivenbrot mit Oregano

Olive bread with oregano

Ingredients: - 500g flour- 3 DL water- 1 bag of dry yeast- 4 tablespoons pizza / pasta saddle- 2 tablespoons of olive oil- Olives stitched and hal...

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baked potatoes

Ingredients: - 1 kg of potatoes firmly- 2 tablespoons of olive oil- 5 rosemary styles- Härdöpflwürz- Schteekhuus papers Wash the potatoes and quar...

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Tomaten Salsa

Tomato salsa

Ingredients: - 3 tomatoes rubbed- 1 chopped onion- Härdöpflwürz- Schteekhuus papers- Olive oil- peperoncini Heat the oil in a pan and give the to...

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Knoblauch Dippsauce

Garlic dipp sauce

Ingredients: - 1 cup of crème fraiche- ½ teaspoon garlic freeze-dried- Härdöpflwürz- 1 cup of lean quark (250g)- fresh herbs Mix the crème fraîche...

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Pesto Rosso

pesto Rosso

Ingredients: - 300g dried tomatoes- 2 cloves of garlic- 40g pine nuts- 80g Parmesan- 120ml olive oil- Schteekhuus papers- Härdöpflwürz Cut the to...

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Gefüllte Eier

Stuffed eggs

Ingredients: - 6 eggs, cooked hard- 2 Tl mustard- 3 tablespoon sour cream- Fresh herbs, finely chopped- 4 tablespoons fresh cheese nature- 1 pinch...

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Früchte Bowle

Fruit bowl

Ingredients: - 1 melon- 300g strawberries- 3 apple- 300g blackberries- 1.5 bottle of red Vodka- 1.5 bottle of mineral with carbon dioxide- 1.5 bot...

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Focaccia Brotchips

Focaccia bread chips

Ingredients: - remaining focacciabrot, from the previous day- Stedy's freeze-dried garlic- Olive oil Slice the focaccia, about 1.5cm thick and lay...

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Stedy ChäsChüechli

Stedy Chäschüechli

Ingredients: - 1 cake dough, rectangular- 1 cheesecake mixture- Härdöpflwürz- Schteekhuus papers- Chäsgwürz- Aluormli, about 9cm diameter Causing ...

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