2017 - Stedy Glubaries Chips

Stedy ulceration chips

Enhancement of digital communication Continue education in the field of online media and customer acquisition at Dirk Michael Lambert in Frankfurt Executive Course
Provision work on Zhaw Winterthur commissioned, the goal is that the spices no longer be shoveled by hand in the bottler funnel but directly raised, opened, opened, opened, opened by the hopper. So the employees can work easier and gentle

Igho in Basel for the first time with a co-exhibitor. Construction of a manufacture on site in cooperation with Valida St. Gallen.
So we were able to show all visitors of the IGO how the spices are processed by hand and of course sold at the end.
SALE STEDY UK CHIPS AT THE OLMA, the first time present on 2 stalls with over 10 employees
November 2017 Start of Cooperation with Eat Meat Love :) -> and until today
Introduction of the 11er Bäumli (everything in small as fine pyramid)
Brand advertisement increase over the military competition.