Quark balls


- 300g flour
- ½ tbsp salt
- 2 tablespoons sugar
- 70g soft butter
- 1DL lukewarm milk
- 1 egg
- Dessertwear

Put the flour in a bowl and mix with salt and sugar.
Add the soft butter as well as the dissolved yeast in the milk.

Lightly knead the ingredients with each other, add the egg and now form the dough to a beautiful, supple ball.

Cover the dough, leave on a warm place and let it rise double.
Now form the dough, individual balls, which have approximately a diameter of 2.5cm. In a fryer or a pan oil heat to 160 degrees and +/- 4 minutes freeze golden brown.

Take the balls out of the fat and contact directly in the dessert coat.
Not only a pleasure for the carnival time!

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