Stedy Spring Rolls


- Spring rollers from the Asia shop
- Spring roll sauce from the Asia shop
- 250g grated Rüebli
- 120g grated celery
- 100g mongobous
- 80g glass noodles
- Soy sauce
- Schteekhuuspäffer

Sauté the vegetables with a little water and deglaze with soy sauce, then allow to cool again, season with the Schtechuuspäffer. Soak the noodles for about 10 minutes in lukewarm water, then cut into about 5cm long pieces and mix with the vegetables.

Make the spring roller blades according to the package instructions.

Now add about 2 tbsp to the filling roller blades, fold the sides inwards and roll up from bottom to top, glue the leaves with a little water at the edge.
Fret spring rolls at 180 ° degrees, 3-5 minutes

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