Selected specialties of Stedy - everything for the fine kitchen

Already since the beginning, the assortment is rounded off with various fine specialties. As a supplement to the spice mixtures and marinades and also a fine snack.
It counts that it makes sense and corresponds to the high quality standard of Stedy. Each supplier has been a Stedy partner for generations and supplies the expected 1A + quality that will offer the fan's.

So it comes the Stedy Grosi Bouillon (oxen or vegetables) for years an increasingly popular helper is in the fine kitchen. The roast, cream and curry sauce also enjoy high and rising popularity.
And want to work effectively with herbs, help the freeze-dried stedy Chuchichrütli optimal. Be it from the portioning, from taste and also from the shelf.

The fine Stedy Röschti, of course, with hardness swab already refined, helps if you want to go faster and smilters like homemade.

Which items do you already know from the additional assortment?

We look forward to your comment :).

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