1990 - growth


The assortment of Stedy takes shapes and colors, more and more specialties are invented and packed specifically for the retail trade. At that time, the conditions for labels from screen printing and also for packaging were incredibly expensive and a maximum of 4 colored. Well to realize that Stedy logo of earlier and already the "Swiss German" certificate of origin.

Recording at Mego Switzerland. The Metzgerei Cooperative Switzerland is the shopping community of all Metzgern in Switzerland. 14 cooperatives, which ensure the daily needs of the butcher due to their cash & carry centers. For Stedy a huge success for 2 reasons: 1. If you came in contact with the main target group, butchers and 2. the deliveries were easier. Weekly deliveries to all Metzger Centers were additionally supplemented with orders in the commission and helped the delivery service no longer had to take so long.
Other major customers such as Migros Cooperative Aare, GateGourmet, Fredag, Spar & Top CC, Globe Delikatessa take up the stedy products in the assortment.

Stedy may be happy about increasing growth to customers, in the meantime, we supply more than 1300 specialist shops.