1995 - Metzger Marinade: Glushy season in no time

Metzger Marinade: Glushy season in no time

Marinades in glasses was the standard and Peter Stettler thought a step further: Marinades in tubes should be. And so the butcher marinade (since 1981 since 1981 as "House Mix No. 1" known at all butchers) was launched in a striking tube.
That was the first product that was really in bulks to sell, the customers pleased it that it has only natural ingredients in it. For the efficient sales, stand floor displays were produced and the whole thing at fairs for the butchers (Mefa in Zurich) were presented and promoted.

Again clearly shows: Stedy comes from Switzerland and promotes the same way.
Despite the great success, all tubes are processed by hand in our manufactory.

The second picture shows Peter Stettler. Visually excited about the first bestseller of Stedy

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