2002 - Jubi by Stedy

Jubi by Stedy

"Jubi by Stedy" 22 years with many highs, lows, developments - trendations.
12 marinades, 6 seasoning mixtures and various Schnitzelsaucen are today's leaders.
An exclusive assortment of selected internal gourmet specialties.
New, the development of vegi and grilled specialties: (stedy clever cuisine) own production and marketing of 80 to 100 tons of spice specialties.
Filled and packed in portion cups, tubes, glasses, cans, bags and buckets.
Also so-called private labels, own brands are produced for special customers.

Valentin Stettler, the Junior by Peter Stettler, helps in the background for several years. "I grew up with this company and so it is normal to help if you are needed" Be it in production, creating and maintaining the Internet presentation, maintenance and procurement of the EDP and the network internally. Especially fun made the holiday representations in all Departments, which always moved with a big learning effect.

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