2006 - Olma St. Gallen

Olma St. Gallen

Olma St. Gallen: 1. Presentation of the "Härdöpflückwüß".
Newly packed in the well-known design, different on the market and in the stedy yellow outfit. Who would have thought that you can make a company completely pink and thus secures the quality feature?

At the beginning of subordinate resonance at the first 2 days of the fair intensified our courage as we were more than convinced of the mixture. So we started with "Schmocks" and "Tasting" for the first time and have remained faithful to this day.

"Make your customer to the fan" does not apply to the Stedy since 2006 and yet everything started with this year. Numerous Stedy Fan's have helped us to make the retail story tasty this fine mixture. But not only: the retail trade (at that time a good 1800 specialist shops) was immediately ready to record 12 spreader in the assortment and to issue them accordingly. Due to the long-term honesty cooperation we received really good support.
The paragraph was correspondingly awesome. Without TV advertising or the like, the hardships masked in the same year for the favorite product of new and existing customers.

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