2008 - We make customers with fans and pink stands for stedy

We make customers fans and pink stands for stedy

Conversion of the Single Committee Stettler Spice Specialties to Stedy Gwweg AG for internal family succession. Valentin Stettler takes over the management, marketing and expansion of customers.
Peter Stettler ensures flawless production and tinkes on fine mixtures.
Together with her team of 5 stedy employees, she conjures up more and more hard-blooded cuffs and other fine blends into the Swiss Chuchichäschtli.

The vision "We make customers for Fan's and Pink stands for Stedy" moves into the center.
The pink lid (actually a misconduct of our corporate color in 2006 that could not be released in time) are becoming more and more to the symbol of Stedy.
So the whole company appearance is changed. Yellow shirts and shirts will be replaced by pink t-shirts with cheeky languages. The advertising is increasingly developed on young, cheeky, different and yet adorable.

No matter who calls an email, a postcard or a letter writes. Be it a mushroom question, a grand order or simply when is the factory shop open ... Everyone will be treated like Fan's with respect and confidence that we find more contacts.

Due to the growing awareness, the building in Märwil is too small. After elaborate search, we purchased the new company location in Weinfelden.

New vehicles were purchased for the sales service. The production and storage capacity has been quilt. Provisionally set up an office in a ledge so we could call and delight customers.

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