2010 - Social media and fans

Social media and fans

Expansion of new social media: Facebook is on everyone's lips and so also at Stedy. We start with this new medium and can in our need: we make customers dive to Fan's 1: 1. We report to trade fairs where we are currently running at Stedy, asking for feedback, raffle items and publishing fine recipes that you can simply imitate.
Our largest marketing success (which is currently circulating in various media today) was shared via Facebook via 20 minutes and went viral.
"Mini Fründin Breaks every day" (the man clearly shows the hardships of the hardness).

Stand today still one of our most important tools when it comes to reporting about Stedy. After a fixed plan, news are posted, fan inquiries answered and always released more recipes.
We realize that we can get closer to the fan's and the interaction helps us get better every day.

Also in the product range of Stedy is continued. "S'Güggeli" ulceration comes in the new spreader and the recipe will be adjusted gently. The Urpsrung from the Güggeligwüz was the "Grillfix" the meatwear mixture of Peter Stettler, which he used in Murg for his meat products. With the Güggeligwüß, this mixture was modeled and so newly launched.
"Mulled wine spice" becomes "Dessertwüß".
Stedy was already in the 1980s one of the great mulled wine spice suppliers for the entire ski resorts (almost the whole white arena made the mulled wine from wine + stedy mulled wine spice). Gradually, we then took this to the Olma and then there, then still sold in the glass very well. Due to numerous feedback of our fan's we learned ... that the fine mixture "only" was used for mulled wine and sometimes disappeared more than a year in the box. And of course that is not the meaning of spice mixtures.
For this reason, the mixture was specially adjusted in "dessertweg" in the known spreading and additionally described.
The base is an aromatized sugar, ethereal oils flavored (oranges, lemons, cinnamon and cloves). So every mulled wine and of course also dessert succeeds: replace a bit of sugar against dessert coat and already comes the fine aroma in cake, creams and much more.

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