2011 - Customer's focus

Customer's focus

We love our fan's and personally give everything to multiply this. A good approach are fairs and exhibitions. 1: 1 in front of the customer, never behind the stand and also not sit. These were our specifications.
We took the trade fair construction in your own and became more efficient and better. In the wedding we were German glideration at over 16 trade fairs per year, the highlight always remained ease Olma in St. Gallen.

At the 16 pieces we coped with our Stedy team throughout German Switzerland. It was important to us that we were not with strange people at the stand but the exclusively staff and fan of Stedy were on site. It went less about the "fast" simple turnover but "We make more fan in the whole of Switzerland".

By calling Edeka Bauer (Konstanz) we are surprisingly offered a test market in Germany. We are allowed to serve Edeka Bauer until today and also provide there, not just the Swiss customers, for more and more enthusiastic Stedy Fan's. However, because of the complicated logistics and customs clearance from Switzerland to the EU, we have not expanded this market further.