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Spices & herbs (paprika, macis blossom, lovage, rosemary, thyme), unimposed food salt, mononatrium glutamate, maltodextrin, dextrose, vegetables (leek, celery, carrots)

 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 677kj / 162kcal
 Fat 2.1g
 -> Ges. Fatty acids 0.8g
 carbohydrates 27.7g
 -> Sugar of it 10.4g
 Protein 9.6g
 Salt 58.5g

Product Information:

Available for over 30 years in the butchers. "S'metzgerwück" in the new packaging. The meat coin is a balanced spice mixture for seasoning meat. With the meat cozy steaks, sliced ​​or roast taste outstanding. Our meat coin is also ideally suited for use as the basis of marinades or taste of sauces.

Application - Some examples:

Fine for Güggeli, beef, pork and veal, with larger meat pieces, it is recommended to season the meat.

Match with:

Meat, beef, pork, trutt, chicken, barbecue and much more.

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