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Corn starch, table salt unexated, dextrose (corn), rice flour (gluten -free), flavor enhancer: mononatrium glutamate, tomato powder, paprika powder, spice (corn), sugar, rapeseed oil, aromas, spices (onions, garlic, cloves), beef extract, dye: sugar powder, margin powder , Thickener: Xanthan, acidic: citric acid, separation agent: silicon dioxide

 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 1250kj / 295kcal
 Fat 3.0g
 -> Ges. Fatty acids 0.1G
 carbohydrates 56.7g
 -> Sugar of it 0.1G
 Protein 10.3g
 Salt 22.8g

Product Information:

The fine meaty taste of the roast sauce fits wonderfully to all dishes where meat plays a role

To a fine dish, the right sauce must not be missing. The stedy sauces in instant shape are extremely simple in preparation and offer, for example, dice the advantage that they are freely dosed.

Application - Some examples:

Bratwurst with Rösti and of course too beef and pork-threshold. As well as meat cheese, rice and diverse pasta.

Add 70-090 g powder in 1 liter of water and bring to a boil for 5-8 minutes at the time.

Match with:

Sauce to meat, roast sauce, eat, meat lovers and much more.

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