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The fine spice mixture of the Güggeligwüß is slightly milder than the meat, thus perfect for seasoning poultry such as chicken, duck, trute or goose.

Only pure and chosen spices that reduces salt content ... Taste amplifiers are completely missing and the Chrütli, which also burns.
According to our testers simply awesome.

Application - Some examples:

Sprinkle on the chicken, massage something and roast / grill on the grill or pan. It's a bit more fine than our meatwear, herbs are quite fine and can not burn even if the chicken is a little longer on the grill or pan.

Match with:

Poulet, meat, chicken wings and much more.


Gewürze & Kräuter (Paprika, Curry, Zwiebeln, Macisblüte, Rosmarin, Nelken)
unjodiertes Speisesalz, Kartoffelstärke, Maltodextrin 

 Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100g
 Energie 825KJ / 197kcal
 Fett 4.0g
 -> davon ges. Fettsäuren  0.6g
 Kohlenhydrate    35.5g
 -> davon Zucker      4.8g
 Eiweiss        4.3g
 Salz  48.3g

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