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 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 1500kj / 360kcal
 Fat 0.3g
 -> Ges. Fatty acids 0.1G
 carbohydrates 71.0G
 -> Sugar of it 21.0G
 Protein 15.0G
 Salt 0.1G

Product Information:

Fresh garlic, freeze-dried, without ruits for easy tasteful use as fresh.
The "Chuchi Chrütli" are freshly harvested, immediately processed and sent through a tunnel with -190 ° C, in which the herb is deprived of the liquid. However, the taste and the beautiful color remain preserved and therefore it tastes like it's fresh as soon as moisture comes again.

The freeze-dried herbs as well as the herbal mixtures of salad herbs, quark herbs and Italian herbs are ideal for seasoning cooked and uncooked food, as well as sauces salad and dips.
Due to the gentle production they are particularly intense in the taste.

Application - Some examples:

Economical dosage as with fresh herbs.
Close well immediately after use, so that the aroma stays with herbs.

Ideal for soups, sauces, in herb butter, over salads, for decorating food, creative seasoning of meat, fish, vegetables and much more.

The packaged amount corresponds to the 10-15 fold fresh quantity.

Match with:

Soups, sauces, in herb butter, salad, decorating food, meat, fish, vegetables.

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