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Product information "Ochsenbouillon 500g can still finer in the taste"

The fine ochsenbouillon with the extra high meat fraction is ideal
For the preparation of soups and sauces and is indispensable to the fondue chinoise.

The tasty stedy bouillons in the form of paste are extremely simple in the preparation
and, for example, offer the advantage over dice to allow you to be freely dosed.

Boil up per liter of water about 1 teaspoon of bouillon and ready to drink.


Gewürze, Kochesalz, Mononatriumglutamat, Würzepaste Soja, Rindsfett, Rindfleischextrakt, Zucker, Hefeextrakt, Aromen, Maltodextrin, Dinatriuminosiant, Säuerungsmittel

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