roasted onions

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Onions, vegetable palm oil, wheat flour

 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 2260-2560kj / 545-615kcal
 Fat 40.0-48.0G
 -> Ges. Fatty acids 18.0-22.0G
 carbohydrates 36.0-44.0G
 -> Sugar of it 6.0-10.0g
 Protein 5.0-7.0G
 Salt 0.8-1.3g
Product information "Röstzulations 90g can"

The fine roasting onions are versatile. They taste excellently in roast sauce, to cheese buttons, but also to nibbles make you a tasteful snack. Or, as it is done in Denmark: they belong to every hot dog.
Note: This product is not gluten-free due to the dough

- Add in frying sauces
- Fine for nibbling
- To stretch and decorate salads and vegetables.

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