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Pfeffer (schwarz, weiss, grün), Meersalz, ein Hauch Peperoncini

 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 618KJ / 148kcal
 Fat 1.7g
 -> Ges. Fatty acids 0.4g
 carbohydrates 27.3g
 -> Sugar of it 25.9g
 Protein 5.3g
 Salt 48.4g
Product information "Schtechuuspfäffer 250g spreader"

Pepper blended in exactly correct ratio and refined with a swab of pepperoncini.
The dream of the company founder to own its own steakhouse was dreamed with this mixture. "Rustic should be" and just taste after pepper.
For this reason, the various degrees of the pepper are used in this mixture.

The Schtechuuspfäffer can be added to the meat before or after the roast.
Steak. Entrecôte, filet or other pieces of meat are becoming a special experience if the meat is spiced after the roast.
The Schtechuuspfäffer tastes, for example, to fish, to the raclette or as the basic a fine pepper sauce excellent.

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