Stedy HärdöpfelGwürz Chips

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Product Information "Stedy Potato Chips with Härdöpfwwuke 120g chips with hardener souls"

The french chip enjoyment of the extra class.
Freshly produced, refined with the Härdöpfwwück®,
Super crispy and ingenious in the taste you are the ideal snack or aperobone body.

The dream has come true ...
The real chip enjoyment of the extra class. Produces complete in Thurgau!
Stedy HärdöpfelChips (French chips) refined with hardships.

Already over 6 years ago we started dreaming and the inquiries became more and more frequent ...
"Makes french chips" with your spice, told and wrote to many fan's miracle mix.

Now you are here ..., finely refined with hardness swab, super crispy and really awesome in the taste.
Happy Chippsing;) ... with Stedy's hardpell chips.


Kartoffeln, Sonnenblumenöl, Geschmacksverstärker: Speisesalz, Mononatriumglutamat, Gewürze, Dextrose, Knoblauch, Kräuter, Zwiebeln

 Durchschnittliche Nährwerte pro 100g
 Energie 2210KJ / 530kcal
 Fett 34g
 -> davon ges. Fettsäuren  0.1g
 Kohlenhydrate    50.0g
 -> davon Zucker      0.1g
 Eiweiss        6.0g
 Salz  1.2g

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