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Product Information "Znünigwürz 65g Mini Spreader for Butterbred and About us"

This mixture was the first in the square ministry and today already in many Schulläschli on the way, but also on more and more desks to find.

The coordinated mixture of znünigwütz is ideal for vegetables, eggs or the break bread. The znünigwazen but also ideal for seasoning soups or salad sauces.
In the small spreader it is ideally suited to take away.


Gewürze (Kurkuma, Petersilie, Paprika,Majoran, Lorbeer), Speisesalz, Zwiebeln, Lauch, Sellerie, Knoblauch, Geschmacksverstärker: Mononatriumglutamat, Dextrose, Hefeextrakt

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