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The CurrySauce is ideal for Riz Casimir and vegetables of all kinds.
Also to rice and pasta tastes the curry sauce exquisitely, all the ingenious is grabby or cauliflower.

To a fine dish, the right sauce must not be missing. The stedy sauces in instant shape are extremely simple in preparation and offer, for example, dice the advantage that they are freely dosed.

Application - Some examples:

Add 70-90g powder in 1 liter of water and stirring, bring to a boil for 5-8 minutes.

Match with:

Vegetables of all kinds,Riz Casimir,Asparagus, cauliflower and much more.


Maisstärke, Kochsalz unjodiert, Dextrose (Mais), Reismehl (glutenfrei), Geschmackverstärker: Mononatriumglutamat, Rahmfettpulver, Würze (Mais), Currypulver, Rapsöl, Kurkuma, Gewürze (Zwiebeln, Knoblauch), Cayennepfeffer, Verdickungsmittel: Xanthan, Säuerungsmittel: Zitronensäure, Trennmittel: Siliziumdioxid

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