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Sugar, dextrose, aroma (cinnamon, orange, vanillin) acid regulator: citronic acid

 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 1687kj / 403kcal
 Fat 0.1G
 -> Ges. Fatty acids
 carbohydrates 98.8g
 -> Sugar of it 98.8g
 Protein 0.0G
 Salt 0.0G

Product Information:

Fine for sweet seasoning of all cute foods, such as creams, cakes, rice rice, crepes, berries and much more. Very finely in tea and in the morning in the milk.
Our secret are the natural essential oils which we raise on the sugar, coordinated exactly after the "Christmas taste", so nothing can go wrong or bitter.

The dessert coast completes cute foods such as apple cakes, omelets, rice rice or even creams and punching cream perfectly and is also suitable as swiveling such dishes.
Furthermore, the dessert coin gives together with hot red wine, white wine or sweetmost a magnificent mulled wine.

Application - Some examples:

Instead of sugar to experience the fine taste of vanilla, cinnamon, sugar and lemons and oranges.

For a cup of mulled wine take 1/2 wine, 1/2 water 2 teaspoons Dessert coat For this, only was to do and enjoy.

Cold drink, 3/4 white wine, make warm with 4 teaspoons Dessert coat Season and then refresh, fill with 1/4 ginger ale and decorate with some lemon slices and ice cubes and serve as cold as possible -> Promise: This aperitif is unforgettable!

Match with:

Mulled wine, berries, cream, refining of sweet, autumn, spice for dessert, sweets spice and much more.


1 × 300g Spreader: approx. 3.5 liters of fine mulled wine
1 × 900g Chübeli : about 11 liters of mulled wine

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