Stainless steel menage - handmade in Bichelsee

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Product Information:

Stainless steel menage, made by hand in the beautiful Bichelsee, canton of Thurgau.
Why do we do it? And why does that cost so much? According to our conviction, we can work with Swiss producers more sustainable.
The product costs a certain price and so the whole parcel becomes more valuable.

The following is included in the menage:

Härdöpfelgwürz 90g Unique mix for the versatile use in the kitchen.

SalatgSwürz 55g The salad wig is a typical mix for the production of a perfect salad sauce.

Fleischgwürz 70g Available in the butchers for over 30 years. "S'metzgergwürz" in the new packaging.

Raclette & Fondue Gwerz 45G "Raclette & Fonduegwürz 160g Spreater" deep red in the color and the best spice for raclette & fondue!

Schtiekhuus Pfäffer 70g The dream of the company founder to own his own steakhouse was cleared with this mix. "Rustic should be" and just taste like pepper.

S`Aroma 65g S 'aroma is the universal scattering spice and ideal for refining all dishes.

Optimal for giving away or for your own use.

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