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Our wood menage, made in Kirchberg (canton of SG) from over 400 years old oak. Each piece unique. The Weber Holzbau company in Kirchberg is already guaranteed in the 4th generation for extraordinary quality and sustainability.

A beautiful, unique and ingenious way to bring fine seasoning to the table. For craftsman lovers probably the best that has ever been offered.

This offer included:
1 x wooden menage (by Ralph Weber Kircherg)

Equipped with:

Härdöpfelgwürz 300gThis refined mixture is ideal for all of your potato dishes, such as Western Patatoes, French fries, gratin, rösti, Gschwelti etc.

SalatgSwürz 55gThe secret of the fine salad sauces and with cream fraiche or sour cream for a perfect Dippsauce

Fleischgwürz 70gFor all types of meat, selected ingredients for your own marinade (with a little rapeseed oil)

Schtiekhuus Pfäffer 70gBlack, white, green pepper, a dab pepperoncini and sea salt: refined everything.

Raclette & Fondue Gwerz 45GThe fine spice mixture of the raclette & fonduegwürz is ideal for seasoning at the raclette and fondue table.

Güggeligwürz 56gOnly pure and selected spices, the salt content reduced ... flavor enhancers are completely absent and the Chrütli are also burning.
According to our testers, simply brilliant.

Fischgwürz 70gThe fish gig gives a fine taste of fish and crustaceans.

Gmüesgwürz 70gThe Gmüesgürz is the right mix to season soups and vegetables.

ChäsgSwürz 50gFor example, tastes excellent on Chäshörnli or cheese slices. A real pleasure for everything - try it out!

A wonderful gift idea !!!

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