Knobli Marinade

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Product Information:

Best suited for all garlic fans.

Over 12% finest garlic powder ensure the typical touch.
Sensational to breathe dipp & salad sauces the extravagant garlic flavor.

Finished marinades for all meat and poultry.

Easiest application for pan, oven, or barbecue.
All marinades are completely free of palm oil and are made with pure ingredients.
Without accessories of preservatives, free of thickening agents and without e numbers.

Application - Some examples:

Linn the meat thin, marinate larger pieces from about 400g on the eve of the eve, so that the marinade can move well.
Then roast directly on the grill, in the pan or the oven at normal temperature.
Addition amount per kilo meat about 70 grams of marinade

Since this marinade is naturally conserved with bee honey, it can easily be stored uncooled, zuetzort is used in the finest rapeseed oil.
Bee honey as well as rapeseed oil will "hard" in cooling, thus putting the marinade directly to the spices. :-)

Match with:

Rape oil, water, saline (unmediated), garlic, curry, onions, grape sugar,
White wine, bee honey, mustard.

Contains: Garlic with natural sulfite, celery and mustard.


Rapeseed oil, water, table salt (unjustged), garlic, curry, onions, glucose, white wine, bee honey, mustard

 Average nutritional values per 100g
 energy 1480kj / 353kcal
 Fat 26.0G
 -> Ges. Fatty acids 2.4g
 carbohydrates 26.0G
 -> Sugar of it 18.0G
 Protein 2.6g
 Salt 10.0g

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